Re: Problem booting OS on IDE PCI adaptor card with Grub in MBR of hda

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On Sunday 16 July 2006 06:06, Tim wrote:
> On Sun, 2006-07-16 at 02:47 +0200, nigel henry wrote:
> > There's some weird stuff going on here, as (hd2) hdc, is the cdwriter,
> > and when I ran grub> setup (hd2) the writers light was flickering
> > quite a bit, but as you can see from the output above, the bootloader
> > installed ok.
> I've only ever seen GRUB count hard drives, it skips other devices.  So,
> if I had a system set up like with multiple devices, it'd be like this:
> Linux device   Type of device   GRUB device
> -------------+----------------+--------------
>   /dev/hda   |  hard drive    |  hd0
>   /dev/hdb   |  CD-ROM        |  (ignored)
>   /dev/hdc   |  IDE LS-120    |  fd0
>   /dev/hdd   |  hard drive    |  hd1
> I do wish they'd get around to letting it boot from CDs.  That'd make
> new installs easier for BIOSs that can't boot from a CD, or other things
> where you forbid booting from them for security reasons, but allow a
> password prompted non-harddrive boot through GRUB.

Hi Tim. My confusion was in not realising that Grub counted the harddrives 
sequentially, ignoring how they were identified in /dev. This wasn't helped 
by the fact that /dev/hda, and /dev/hdb, the first 2 harddrives, were listed 
by Grub as (hd0), and (hd1), which at the time seemed to confirm that Grub 
followed the listings in /dev. Logically then /dev/hde is (hd4) right? No. 
Very wrong, and resulted in the long running argument with Grub, with it 
constantly saying "no such disc" when I tried install Grub in (hd4).

Anyway I've learnt a bit more about Grub along the way. One thing is not to 
argue with it. You can't win.

Thanks for the reply.  Nigel.

btw. Did you see the post I sent back with regard to your question. "How do 
you know which cards are capable of multiple audio streams before you buy 
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