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On 07/13/2006 05:36:13 PM, Louis E Garcia II wrote:

for laptops designed for linux and found
Specifically the LC200 series.

Does anyone have experience with this company? Are their other
companies that provide the same?

Yes, just recently bought two laptops from them (LC2440Ns). Impeccable service, good delivery and they provide the software to just make it work, for it you go and reinstall the OS. The laptops are really nice too. I haven't found any faults with their construction, and only one minor fault with the stock install on one of the computers (it has the wrong MAC address for the ethernet card. I let it probe for the new address, and all fixed!).

Being a geek, I did go through and figure out what they did, then reinstalled Fedora and replicated what they did. I just changed the install from 'everything' to what I wanted.

I have not found another linux laptop company that constructs the laptops, so to speak. There are others which take say, Dells, and installs the OS on them and makes them work.



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