Re: Updating KDE last night seems to ahve wounded KMenu

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Than Ngo wrote:
Am Donnerstag, 13. Juli 2006 10:49 schrieb Mike Cohler:

This has already been discussed on this list - please read other
postings from the past day or so.

There is a fix now available if you are in a real hurry by doing the
following as root:
yum --enablerepo updates-testing update kdelibs

If you can wait then in a few days this will be pushed to the normal
updates and you can then yum update as normal or let the nightly
updates do it.

i plan to push it to fc5-update tree today,


Its not making it to the updates-testing repo yumex is selecting from here as of 6AM CDT. How long does it take to propagate?
Cheers, Gene

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