Re: X-Server in FC5

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"Mikkel L. Ellertson" <[email protected]> wrote:
Usman S. Ansari wrote:
> Explicitly loaded mga,ko which is video driver loaded in FC4. Still
> getting 800 X 400. I think there are more things missed up at install
> time. My guess is FC5 install used smp kernel and fail to detect
> hardware properly. I had this issue in I think FC3 time. Luckly in FC3
> it used single processor kernel and if I remember correctly most of the
> hardware worked OK, I had issues with SMP kernel. At that time I> ended
> up buiding my own SMP kernel.
> In FC5 I think it used SMP for insstall (that was only kernel after
> booting up in FC5).
> The best way is to reinstall FC5 and tell it to use non-SMP.
> Is there an option to tell installer to use non-SMP ? any other
> suggestions ?
You don't have to re-install. When you are logged in as root, mount
the install media, find the non-SMP kernel, and run rpm -i
rpm>. This should create a Grub entry for it. Then reboot to the new
kernel, and use rpm or yum to delete the SMP kernel. (It should be
kernel-smp-.) If I understand the way things work, in the
future you should then get the same type of kernel as you have
installed. I didn't look up your laptop, but I am guessing you would
want the kernel-2.6.15-1.2054_FC5.i686.rpm. If you have a 64 bit
processor, and are running the 64 bit version, then you are stuck
with the SMP kernel. I do not know much about that, because I am not
running a 64 bit processor.

Its not the kernel for booing, its the kernel used at install time. I will probably find other unconfigured device once I pass this point.

The kernel I am using 2.6.14-2 is built by me and in FC4 configuration it supports  all my devices, including sound card, TV card, mouse, etc. etc

For smae kernel I did a diff on modules loaded in FC4 and FC5 configuration, and FC5 has about 1/2 modules loaded !!!

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