Audigy 2 has no playback sound

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Hi all,
I've just added a Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS to my system and disabled my integrated sound.

Then the new card is/was detected by Kudzu and even under system-config-soundcard the hardware looks to be correct, snd-emu10k1

However, I'm getting no playback sound? I've selected all the different output PCM options... but nothing.

I've had a quick hunt through google and am confused... my system appears to be setup for support okay, as it has the alsa-lib and alsa-utils (1.0.11-4 rc2)

However, I have no /etc/modules.conf file, in which to place the recommend modules configuration

Also, I am unsure as to why it detects, but does not playback. I've loaded alsamixer and things look okay in there?

And yes, I have made sure the output jack IS in the right plug, as it works under Windoze.

Any help would be appreciated.


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