Re: i want to run script when user shutdown his system

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On 7/12/06, [email protected] <[email protected]> wrote:
hi freind
donot mind if ihave no enough idea about how to ask question

The way to ask the question is.

a) What is the problem  for example your system is not booting
properly  or some other problem.

b) what you have done means what steps you have taken, have you check
the logs , what are the errors you are getting in the logs, did you
search on the internet for this error etc.

c)  which version of the softwares you are using for example fedora
core 5, kernel version, software version (sendmail 8.1.13)  rpm based
or tar based.

This kind of information helps the people over here in understanding
your problem and once they understand your problem they will give you
the solution.

i have one shell script   /root/

i want to run this script when user shutdown his/her system

so where i place this file or what can i do

Checkout this url may help you.


Ankush Grover

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