Re: iPod hfsplus that used to work on FC4 doesn't mount on FC5...

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Vini Engel wrote:
Hi guys,

I was wondering if anyone could help me understand what has changed in the kernel since FC4. I used to be able to mount my very same iPod mini (hfsplus) on my FC4 but cannot mount it on my FC5 because it says that hfs with journaling is not supported...
That doesn't make sense to me, is it some kind of regression on the
hfsplus driver?
The solution that I found is to turn the journaling off.

If any one would like to comment on that it will be appreciated!


Check for the hfsplus module is loaded. It may not be configured on your system. I had to install it on mine to read a Mac *.iso file some time ago. I had to enable the module to work.

Robin Laing

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