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On Wed, 2006-07-12 at 08:02 +1000, contact51 wrote:
> Such a dissapointment.
> Over the recent weeks I have really put in the hours getting to grips
> with Linux by way of Fedora, having progressed from FC3-4 and now FC5.
> Being more than satisfied with results until now. Big problem.
> I went and bought a PCMCIA card for my laptop hoping to be able to use
> it.
> My HDD is divided into two - Windows XP and Fedora 5.
> It took probably about 2 minutes to install the card, up and running
> under XP.
> Some six hours later, after reading through numerous internet
> descriptions on how one might install such a device, downloading and
> installing gigabytes of files, wrappers etc. etc... still nothing!
> Eventually giving up in despair I decided that some of my original
> fears about Linux have to be correct. It is just a muddle of half
> cooked amateur computer files cobbled together to resemmble an OS that
> probably performs somewhere at about 60% compared to that of Bill
> Gates' Windows.
LOL.  What a whiner!

If you have been watching this list, and doing any sort of research, you
would have known that Linux can use certain brands of wireless cards
natively (mainly those with the atheros chipset) and others have to be
run by using ndiswrapper to enable use of the windows drivers for the
card (broadcom, etc).

If you want the card to work native in Linux, buy one that has a
supported chipset.  If you want to use the one you bought install
ndiswrapper (works for almost all cards out there).

If you choose to ignore the multitude of emails on the subject over the
past few years and do not check the compatibility lists or google then
welcome to the brick wall that just hit you in the face because you
failed to follow the road of education and preparation.

> Over the past years I have tried linux, different flavours, different
> version, always the same frustrating result.
No one is forcing you to use Linux.

> One wonders when the linux comunity will either ever get it right or
> give it up as a bad job.
Manufacturers build it but will not provide Linux users compatible
drivers.  How is that the fault of the Linux community?

Progress is being made at sometimes amazing rates.

> Such as what by todays technology standards should be such a simple
> affair, as Microsoft have proved - plug in and install a PCMCIA
> wireless card within three minutes - no typing fingers to the bone
> wearing out keyboards in the process, for no result in six hours!!!!
> Guiness Book of Records stuff me thinks!



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