OT: Suggestions for PHP CMS type script

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I am looking for suggestions on a simple, easy to integrate PHP script
that would function as somewhat of a cross between a knowledge base
and a article posting CMS. I don't really want any fancy, oo laden
script with heavy output, just something that pushes out simple html
sO i can include it into my PHP driven website. Also, I would love it
could handle wiki markup in the input., ie. no need for WYSIWYG
elements. I would prefer it uses MySQL as the backend. I ask because
there are just so many CMSs out there it is hard to find one that
meets these criteria, I am hoping someone else has come across such

Suggestions, or suggestions of a better place to ask would be greatly

I would just roll my own, but time is just not available at current.

Thank you.

For the curious, the purpose would be to post up little Linux/Fedora
tips that I come across to make said solutions easily findable to

Thanks again.



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