Re: vim error: after today's updates

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sysadmin wrote:
> Karsten Hopp said:
>> sysadmin schrieb:
>>> Am getting below when i use vim editor on httpd.conf file. This started
>>> after today's vim updates.
>>> "/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf" 1024L, 34507C Error detected while
>>> processing BufRead Auto commands for "httpd.conf*": E492: Not an editor
>>> command: 
>>> auth_mysql.conf*,auth_pgsql.conf*,ssl.conf*,perl.conf*,php.conf*,pytho 
>>> n.conf*,squirrelmail.conf* call s:StarSetf('apache') Press ENTER or type
>>> command to continue
>>> Any suggestion(s)..? Thanks.
>> There's a typo in /usr/share/vim/vim70/filetype.vim Search for
>> 'auth_mysql.conf' and replace the space in front of it with a comma ','. 
>> I'll push a new vim package as soon as possible.
>> Karsten
> I have done what you suggested but still no luck..same error persists..!!

Works fine here after the procedure.

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