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On Tuesday 11 July 2006 18:02, contact51 wrote:
> Such a dissapointment.
> Over the recent weeks I have really put in the hours getting to grips with
> Linux by way of Fedora, having progressed from FC3-4 and now FC5.
> Being more than satisfied with results until now. Big problem.
> I went and bought a PCMCIA card for my laptop hoping to be able to use it.
> My HDD is divided into two - Windows XP and Fedora 5.
> It took probably about 2 minutes to install the card, up and running under
> XP.
> Some six hours later, after reading through numerous internet descriptions
> on how one might install such a device, downloading and installing
> gigabytes of files, wrappers etc. etc... still nothing! Eventually giving
> up in despair I decided that some of my original fears about Linux have to
> be correct. It is just a muddle of half cooked amateur computer files
> cobbled together to resemmble an OS that probably performs somewhere at
> about 60% compared to that of Bill Gates' Windows.
> Over the past years I have tried linux, different flavours, different
> version, always the same frustrating result.
> One wonders when the linux comunity will either ever get it right or give
> it up as a bad job.
> Such as what by todays technology standards should be such a simple affair,
> as Microsoft have proved - plug in and install a PCMCIA wireless card
> within three minutes - no typing fingers to the bone wearing out keyboards
> in the process, for no result in six hours!!!! Guiness Book of Records
> stuff me thinks!

When you get in the other guys sand box and throw sand you will get a fight.

You are one of those people that does not deserve polite responses or any help 
when you don't ask for help and just attack an OS that you apparently no 
nothing about and are too lazy to ask for help in an appropriate manner.

Linux and Windows do not work the same so you have to approach them 
differently.  Linux might be built by a bunch of people and be free but it 
beats Windows hands down.

I used MS Windows for ten years and then switched to Linux 3 years ago and 
have not looked back.  I learned more about an OS and applications and 
networks in 6 months with Linux then I did in ten years with Windows.

I still some times ask questions that get ignored and I still know very little 
about some basic things about Linux, my fault, but I would not go back to 
Windows for any reason.

As was already stated the fault with some things not working with Linux is not 
the OS but the suppliers.  They don't want to support or help free software 
because they are afraid it is taking money away from them.  Some one always 
comes along and figures out how to get that hardware or software to work in 
Linux and eventually without it being so time consuming or difficult.  So 
quit complaining because it does no good and no one cares.  Ask for help the 
right way if you want it or don't post here.

Jack Gates

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