Re: Fedora core 5 and Apache 2.2

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Todd Zullinger wrote:
(Please direct all replies to the list. :)

Derek C Hopkins wrote:
Using  the stock config that came with  the 2.2.2 of Apache   For
the problem of "Options"  this was  a new down load to see if this
solved the missing modules problem which was from the default DVD
install.  (which also had the missing "Options problem")
What is the exact error you get in your apache logs when using the
stock package and config from FC5?  Also, can you use rpm to verify
that the httpd package hasn't been modified (as root):

    rpm -V httpd

I've used the httpd package from FC5 without error.  I don't think
it's broken out of the box.

I have made no changes to the config file ( that will come only
after I can start it in native config)
Definitely a good plan.
The symptoms the OP is seeing are those of using an Apache httpd 2.0
configuration file with Apache httpd 2.2. Perhaps after an upgrade from FC4.
Reinstalling the httpd package will not fix the error because the file
concerned is a config file and rpm won't touch it. Is there a file
/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf.rpmnew? If so, that is probably the config
file for Apache httpd 2.2 that is needed.

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