Re: FC5 boot process, sendmail and sm_client???

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Deepak Shrestha wrote:
My fedora 5 installation is working fine except some annoying boot
time. During boot, when it reaches the part of starting sendmail it
takes about 2 minutes and another 1 minute for the sm_client. Well I
have nothing against it but my boot process seems to take forever. By
the way what is this "sm_client" thing?  I am not intending to use any
mail server so is it safe to turn off the sendmail? Will this affect
other programs? and is it ok to turn off "sm_client" and how?
sm_client is the process that tries to deliver locally-generated mail
that is queued up. This includes things like output from cron jobs,
smartctl monitoring (if you have that set up) etc.
It's conceivable that you could get by without sendmail or sm_client if
you aren't bothered about not getting this mail but IMHO you'd be better
off fixing the problem than hiding the symptoms. A delay like this is
usually a name resolution issue.

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