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Tim wrote:

> Some of us use larger screens to fit more in the space, and having
> something else increase the size of everything defeats the
> objective.

Yes. For example my face is currently about 4 inches away from this
21" CRT, not because I'm blind, but because I've acquired the habit of
leaning forward at my desk. The size of the monitor is therefore
irrelevant to the distance I am likely to sit away from it.

Frankly, I'm quite satisfied with the available screen fonts and
rendering under Linux, and other than document publishing, I probably
only use one or two fonts anyway, and always at the standard DPI
resolution. Certain websites (usually designed for non-standards
compliant browsers - IOW IE) sometimes surprise me with their
minuscule fonts, that I simply bump up using the + and - keys, but
other than that, I don't really have much of a problem.

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