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dragontale wrote:
I will try to be as much specific as I can.

I have a problem. I want to sample music from Here is a link to amazon which contains sample clips of songs played with windows media and realplayer.

Just scroll down the page and you'll see the list of songs, just click and play. I try to play streaming clips when I click on windows media but it doesn't work for me. When I click on windows media, a box appears and says, "Additional plugins are required to display all the media on this page" then it gives me an option to "Install Missing Plugins" When I click on Install Missing Plugins, another box appears and says
"Completing the Plugin Finder Service"
No suitable plugins were found.
Unknown Plugin "Manual Install"

Does the above sound fimiliar? I can't really explain how the above looks like without taking a snapshot of it and showing it to all of you, but you just have to imagine how it looks like. I'm pretty sure you all know what I'm talking about anyway, I hope.

The below is a complete description of what I did to install totem-xine and it's plugins to play mp3, wma, wmv, etc.....
Totem-xine will let you view DVDs and more types of media from the same interface that Fedora Core 4/5 provides. Here's how to get it installed:
NOTE: If you are using Fedora Core 4, then replace

livna-release5.rpm to livna-release4.rpm

su - rpm -Uhv wget rpm -e totem --nodeps yum install libdvdread libdvdcss totem-xine compat-libstdc++-33 -y rpm -Uhv rm
Next, it's better to install gstreamer and legacy gstreamer-08 plugins:

yum install gstreamer gstreamer-plugins-base gstreamer-tools gstreamer08-plugins gstreamer-plugins-good gstreamer-plugins-bad gstreamer-plugins-ugly
yum install gstreamer08 gstreamer08-plugins-extra-audio gstreamer08-plugins-extra-video gstreamer08-plugins-extra-dvd
^ The above is a tutorial that I got from a member from another board. It helped me a lot because I didn't know how to play mp3, wma, and wmv. Now I can play mostly everything from a cd except for online music clips from

I thought after installing all of the above, I get to play online sample clips from windows media, but I guess not.

So what do I need in order to play the clips from the above link? Oh and it has to be played with windows media. I asked other members from other boards but all they said was just, "You gotta get the w32codecs"........As you see from the above tutorial, I do have the w32codecs installed. So what else do I need?

I checked over at totem preferences and clicked on "Add Proprietary Plugins" A window called totem-addons popped up and gave me a whole list of addons. Some of them were:

^ The above is just a few but there is more to it. I'm pretty sure I have everything from w32codecs. Pheww that was a whole lot of typing. Well......any help will be much appreciated.

you need the mplayerplug-in. It works (IMHO) better than any of the other plugins. It is part of the livna repo. Also, check that the w32codec package installed a bunch of stuff in /usr/lib/win32 AND /usr/lib/codecs (one should be a link to the other)

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