Re: Why I see certain messages from mailing list not ordered corectly by thread

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Marcelo Magno T. Sales
>> And about non-related messages appearing in a thread, this often happens when 
>> a subscriber creates a new thread by replying to an existing one and changing 
>> the subject of the message. Some people do this to avoid typing the list 
>> address in the "to:" field when sending messages to the list. However, the 
>> above mentioned "in-reply-to" field in the message header will keep track of 
>> the original message and the "new" message will appear in the existing 
>> thread.

Anyone who does that also does themselves a disservice.  Many of us will
ignore certain threads for various reasons.  Some *other* message buried
in the middle of it will get ignored, too.

> I thougth that on a list about fedora (a linux distros) everyone use a
> Linux client for mails :-)

Well, some will do mail from work, some will be using another PC trying
to resolve a problem on their Linux box, etc.  I can see why mail may be
that way (on a non-Linux system).  Personally, I've found some better
mail programs on the evil empire's platform, but using their OS is too
much of a burden to put up with doing so.

> And that eveyone know how mailing-list are to be used.

I see ample evidence to the contrary, including in those who create mail
clients and mailing lists, and people who don't want to know, either.
That's an unfortunate aspect to it.

(Currently running FC4, occasionally trying FC5.)

Don't send private replies to my address, the mailbox is ignored.
I read messages from the public lists.

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