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On Friday 07 July 2006 22:43, Todd Zullinger wrote:
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> nigel henry wrote:
> > Hi. I'm interested in setting up a cronjob. I'm using FC2, and using
> > the working example, crontab -l returned "no crontab for
> > <user-name>" , so using the suggested syntax I added myself to
> > /etc/cron.allow, but trying crontab -l still get the same result.
> Use crontab -e to edit your crontab.  This will open your editor
> (specified by the $VISUAL or $EDITOR variables) where you can
> create/edit as you like.  When you exit, your crontab will be
> installed.  User crontabs are stored in /var/spoool/cron/$USER, IIRC.

Right. OK. Thanks to you Todd, and to Mikkel. I don't expect anyone to hold my 
hand through this, but crontab -e brings up a blank page with some short line 
markers on the left side, and "/tmp/crontab.3449" OL, OC at the bottom of the 
page. How do I find out which editor this is using? I've used nano a bit, but 
not vi, or emacs. I've been through man 5 crontab a few times, but it only 
shows you the layout for setting up crontab.

A couple of hints would be usefull.

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