Re: Exchange Connector / Evolution 2.6.2 Problem in FC5[Scanned]

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Hex Star wrote:
perhaps this rpm satisifes the grk2 2.9.1 you're looking for: <> (from

I also found this: from <> from <> ...hope I helped! :-)

On 6/29/06, *Andreas Wahlert* <andreas.wahlert@xxxxxx <mailto:andreas.wahlert@xxxxxx>> wrote:

    Hi list,

    i have an -out of the box- and totaly patched FC5 installation.
    The installation is clean and fresh.

    There is only one Problem. Evolution 2.6 crashes randomly. I have
    googled for this but i have no solution found.
    There is a dirty hack with gtk2 libs. But this don't works for me. i
    can't find the described gtk2 (2.9.1) version

    Is this already fixed?? Or is this a Bug (there is an bugzilla

    friendly regards from germany


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Can you tell me whether this solved the crashing issues or not?

Many thanks,


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