Re: Make a virtual printer?

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Il giorno mer, 05/07/2006 alle 17.18 -0400, Tom Horsley ha scritto:
> I'd like to make a "printer" on my fedora box that actually just
> generates a series of .png files for each page in a print image
> directory.
> I've found all the info I need to pass to ghostscript to get it
> to do this (it has a handy png output driver built in), but
> brain matter starts leaking out my ears when I try to understand
> how to invent a .ppd file and integrate this with cups so I can
> spool things to this "printer".
> Anyone out there ever done such a thing and have some cofig files
> I could steal?
A lot of programs print using lpr.
So I think they make a temp file in ps and call lpr to print it.
So you can move your real lpr, and make a cript (called lpr) that
interpretes all parameters passed to lpr, to understand which is the
file to print.

Sometime files are in /var/spool.

Try and let me know,
I'm interested.


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