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Andy Burns wrote:
Gene Heskett wrote:

when do we get a kmod-ntfs that stays in synch with the current kernels?
You do realise that Fedora doesn't provide your ntfs kernel modules?

You have obviously installed a 3rd party module (presumably from livna) when you do this it is wise to wait until livna has caught up with a new kernel before installing that kernel, if ntfs is important to you, alternatively you could install the kernel source yourself and rebuild with ntfs enabled ...
Except where do I find the kernel srcs? Good question that. And my buildit scripts are on the main machine at home 1000 miles SE of me.
I found the instructions for bcm43xx-fwcutter and ran that against the
windows drivers to generate the missing bcm43xx_microcode5.fw firmware.
And that was a BIG mistake. No boot, frozen solid at wlan0 up everytime
with a huge oops report/segfault frozen on-screen mentioning bcm43xx
something or other. So the power button is getting lots of testing
tonight. I finally managed to wade through a ubuntu 606 live boot, get
my partition mounted, and disabled wlan0 and re-enabled eth0 so now I
have a bootable machine and a network again. But I am not a happy camper...
Cheers, Gene

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