Activare wireless network +wpa on boot instead of through NetworkManager?

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I just switched my desktop pc (FC5) from ethernet to wireless (makes
redecorating the house so much easier ;))
NetworkManager and ndiswrapper work like a charm, I'm really impressed
by the state of these utilities.

Now what I was wondering to take things one step further: is it possible
to have the wireless network (with wpa) enabled on reboot, in stead of
booting without network, logging in, and waiting for NetworkManager to
pop up the dialog to ask for the keyring password in order to activate
WPA encryption ?
system-config-network can of course be used to specify that wlan0 should
be activated on boot, but it doesn't have settings for WPA
Is this possible, or should I use WEP-encryption instead (which
s-c-network can handle automatically)

David Jansen

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