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Charles Curley wrote:
>> I'd take a stab at SELinux being the cause.  Do you have that
>> running in Enforcing mode on either box by chance?
> Nope, selinux is disabled on both boxes.

Damn.  So much for the easy scapegoat.

Okay, you made me curious enough to google a little so I can ask you
better questions and make other suggestions... (Bear in ind though
that it's been a while since I setup BIND to do this so I'm rusty.)

You probably want have the secondary server setup to use the slaves
subdirectory, which will be writable by the named daemon.  Change your
secondary to:

    file "slaves/localdomain";

That's one solution I found for someone having the same problem and it
makes sense, as right now your secondary is trying to write the
localdomain file to /var/named, which it won't have permission to
write to by default.

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