Re: Anyone familiar with BellSouth DSL setup?

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On Mon, 2006-07-03 at 10:48 -0400, Ric Moore wrote:
> I'm playing one heckuva phone tag with BellSouth concerning setup of my
> static IP account and the settings I need for my machine. I'm connecting
> just fine with DHCP, so it works. I want to run apache and my own
> webpages from the machine connected to the DSL modem. If anyone would
> assist, I'd like to confer off list. I need for my machine to appear to
> the net, not the modem. They have support for Macs, but not linux... go
> figure. Ric

	1 - You modem needs to be in bridging mode, not managed mode (probably
already is).

	2 - Disable your internet facing eth interface.

	3 - Configure your account information into pppoe using that eth

	Should come right up.

	Don't give me any nonsense about not wanting to run pppoe (common bitch
- just save it).  You are running pppoe whether you know it or not,
either way.  If the modem is in bridged mode, you have to play the pppoe
on your computer to talk to BS.  If the modem is in managed mode, the
modem is playing pppoe with BS and bridging the address to your
dhcpclient.  Either way, you are running pppoe to BS.  Deal.

	You modem is PROBABLY already set up for bridge mode (I've only run
into one, one time, that needed to be switched - for the Altel modems it
in their web interface under advanced options).  Start by trying to
configure pppoe and see if it just works (your "eth" interface will not
be configured up and your internet interface will be, probably, ppp0).
Your account includes "", i.e. "foobarus@xxxxxxxxxxxxx"
and not just "foobarus" (which drove me nuts, for a while, trying to
figure out why it kept saying it was a bad account name).

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