Re: Laptop VGA Dual Output Resolution Configuration and Switching

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I have a similar problem.  My laptop resolution is 1920x1440 and I have a
monitor with 1680x1050 (Dell FPW2005).  My xorg.conf has the following
resolutions listed:

Modes 1920x1440 1680x1050

And in my Monitor section, I have the correct modeline for the FPW2005.

When I boot my laptop not connected to the monitor, X starts up in 1920x1440
correctly, but if I boot with the monitor plugged in, I get no signal to my

ctrl-shift-+ and ctrl-shift-- don't do anything.

I had it setup in FC4 where if my monitor was plugged in, X would still
start, but the resolution would be 1080x1050, but the desktop size was
1920x1440 and I just had the KDE resolution manager resize it upon login.

That was an acceptable solution, I guess, but now whenever I switch between
my laptop screen and monitor, I have edit my xorg.conf by hand.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

Ketut Mahaindra wrote:

> I have a Dell Latitude D610 running FC5 with all latest updates and also
> kmod-fglrx to support the ATI card on the laptop.
> At work I need from time to time to switch between the laptop LCD
> display to an external monitor and vice versa.
> This normally facilitated with a shortcut key on the keyboard Fn+F8.
> However, I have not been able to get it working with FC5 so far.
> If I connected the external monitor to the laptop VGA output port I
> always have both the laptop LCD and the external monitor displaying at
> the same time.
> And the laptop LCD is working at 1400 x 1050 pixels while the external
> monitor can only support 1280 x 1025 which causes the desktop display to
> be cropped.
> Any clues on how to make the configuration so that FC5 will be able to
> switch normally between the display and to make it support different
> resolution automatically?
> Thanks in advance

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