Re: Package to represent network traffic

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Albert Graham wrote:
Gene Heskett wrote:
Timothy Murphy wrote:
Gene Heskett wrote:

try knetstats

yum install knetstats
PS. you must enabled fedora extras repo.
And I can't find it in the FC5 extras, which is why I mentioned EtherApe.
yum seemed to find it OK on my FC5 system,
with only the updates and extras searched.
2nd time around it was there, so I installed it. But it watches
everything when I only want it to watch wlan0. Which it does, but
without breaking it down to show the protocols used. I prefer

Been away. By default it watches everything but you can check only the interfaces you're interested in (right click on panel icon-> configure Knetstats.
In my case, it only had wlan0 checked, but it put 4 icons on the toolbar anyway. I'd call that a small bug.
I thought you just wanted to know/see traffic totals etc..


Cheers, Gene

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