Re: GNOME won't boot

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Paul Howarth wrote:
However, many installs will have issues "out of the box" as anaconda
is less fussy about resolving dependencies than yum is (it has to be,
otherwise upgrades to systems that have third-party packages
installed would fail). So, here's the output from one of the boxes at
work, which I shall fix later today:
# package-cleanup --problems
Setting up yum
Reading local RPM database
Processing all local requires
Missing dependencies:
Package moin-fastcgi requires mod_fastcgi
Package mgdiff requires
Package tcptraceroute requires


Thanks for pointing out the upgrade path possibly breaking many requirements in order to install. I'll have to run the tool Wednesday on an installation which went through several upgrade cycles. It most likely has packages which are short the needed libraries, helper applications.


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