Re: OT : No Flash 8 nor Flash 9 ?

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On 7/3/06, PHD <phd2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

This mail is not to criticize any,

Why not?

but we still have Flash 7 on Linux,
and I just discover that there is Flash 9 to download. More and more
websites are already using the Flash 8 technology.

True.....I am not yet sure wether or not that is good or bad

My question is : Do Linux contributers have not so much time to build a
rpm (Don't ask me to do it, I cannot, that's why I don't criticize

You should realise that this _cannot_ possibly be the issue, as guys
have time to put linux on who knows what embedded device. If it was as
simple as rolling out an RPM it would be done.

anyone ;-) ), or is there any other problem somewhere ?

I was thinking this was closed source but I just read that :
Developers of existing and emerging platforms and devices can support
Flash (SWF) playback. The Flash Player Source Code SDK contains a
portable C++ source code version of Flash Player as well as
documentation designed to help a third-party software or hardware
developer easily port Flash Player to any platform. The Flash Player
Source Code SDK is designed for ease of porting and for platform
independence. The code as provided compiles on Win32 and Linux systems.

Dude, did you even take a look at what you linked to? It links to this
page: which clearly
shows the SDK they speak of so hhighly to eb at version 7.

Is it not enough to build a Flash Player plugin ?

From looking at the website you linked to, there is no actual link to
the source code, so that about immediately eliminates the possiblity
of finding it in any Fedora Core/Extras.

Also consider that a lot of the people with expertise enough to do
what is necessary to create an alternative general don't even like
Flash to begin with. Plus, the Flash player licence (which I could
find) specifically allows disassembling of the player.

And it doesn't look like Macromedia/Adobe is at all interested in
providing up to date Flash player versions for Linux. Their current
version is still buggy.


Any information welcome,



PS : Dont answer if you think this is really OT, thanks.

Philippe, Chiangmai, Thailand <phd2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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