Re: Stinkin' little cheapo vid cams

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On 7/3/06, Zane C. B. <zanecb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Ok, I know, I bought the cheapest thing on the shelf figuring that it
> should work since they've been around for 8-10 years. I know, I know.
> <g>
> I've cruised the google lane and found several sites that tossed you
> into a dnload site with a pile of files... is there a linux guru that
> could make a short file, in English, on how to actually make the darn
> things work? This one is a Micro CM10401 (WalMart, kill me now)
> Thank you for any considerations due to my:
> 1.) Stupidity
> 2.) advancing years
> 3.) stupidity
> 4.) sore left foot
> 5.) stupidity

If it has a flash card on it, just get a flash card reader. It will most
likely be fat formated.

I believe this is a webcam. Webcams tend not to have flash drivers.

To the OP, this may be of help

To be updated...

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