Re: Core 5 multi display support

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On 7/2/06, Hadders <fedora@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi all,
   I'm thinking it would be nice to program with multi monitors.  In
particular, one running VMWare and Windows so I can test the web app
programs I develop. Currently I use two boxes to achieve this. But the
constant twisting and turning isn't probably the best, yes age catches
up with us all.

However, I prefer Linux as a programming environment (especially seeing
that I do SQL development too (love that middle click copy/paste)), but
was wondering if it (Core 5) easily supports multi display and the
nvidia nView stuff, or is that a Windows only thing?  Perhaps someone
can make a recommendation on cards etc?

Any help or comments would be appreciated...

Was thinking of getting this card,
a solid performer, but not excessive...
This was the blurb on the nvidia site about nView

nview is a windoze thing.  any videocard with an nvidia GPU and two
display device connectors can do xinerama and/or twinview with the
nvidia X driver.

L. Friedman                                    netllama@xxxxxxxxx

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