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Are you running X86_64?

On 7/2/06, Jeanette Russo <jrusso19@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
How far did you get with those intructins? That's what
I did, and it
works for me.
To be updated...

I installed all of it and it all went fine.  I can run
the java console even.

This is the third Java install

I did yum install rpm install jr

Did the .bin install jre

and now the unofficial faq install and still no
working Java

Is this a bug or is there some configuration that
needs to be done with selinux like the 3d problem I

I followd that exactly and nothing worked to get glx
working until I saw the selinux command on the
unoffical faq and boom I had working 3d

I am thining something is just stopping it from
working cause it seems to be set  up right.

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