Alternate Installation Methods [was: Configuring GRUB to boot FC-5-i386-DVD.iso]

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On Sun, Jul 02, 2006 at 02:04:19PM -0400, phil brogan wrote:
> Hello Nigel,
> That's what I get for jumping to the solution before stating the problem.
> I do not have a DVD burner, I thought I could upgrade from a hard drive image i
> nstead of a CD or DVD image, but I see from your post that I cannot do it this 
> way.

I don't suppose you could borrow one? I put together a nice portable
USB DVD burner for about $80 US, so that's an option.

> After reading the rest of your post, I'm guessing I should go all the way back 
> to the beginning.
> I have backed up all files that I need from my FC1 machine to a Windows XP shar
> e on my home network, so I have no problem replacing FC1 with FC5 rather than d
> oing the upgrade.  The XP machine has a CD burner on it.  I downloaded the 5 FC
> 5 files FC-5-i386-disc1.iso, ... FC-5-i386-disc5.iso and FC-5-i386-rescuecd.iso
> , and sha1sum successfully matches on all of them.
> The problem is that I can only successfully burn disc1, disc4, and the rescuecd
>  using CDR Tools Front End for Windows v1.4 Final.  I have tried time and time 
> again to burn disc2, disc3, and disc5 without success.  The FC5 CD tester durin
> g installation complains about errors on them.

Your problem may not be fatal. I have found that the best test of a CD
(even though it is not a complete test) is to validate its
contents. On the FC box mount a CD and run this:

find /<CD mount point>/ -iname "*.rpm" -exec rpm -K --nosignature {} \; | grep NO

The --nosignature option is there on the assumption that you haven't
imported the appropriate keys.

Obviously this only tests RPM packages, which is most of what you
need. If it is sucessful, you probably have a good CD; if it fails you
almost certainly do not.

Or compare the CD with the image:

mount image dirname -o loop
diff -r <CD mount point> dirname

> So that's when I went to try a hard drive-based install of FC5.

If you have an ext3 or FAT partition you don't plan to clobber with
enough room, you can use the DVD image and install from there. If
that's a possible solution, check
for details.

If you don't have one and don't mind clobbering the entire system,
boot to a live CD (finnix is nice for this), make one, and go from
there. Once you are up and running you could use the partition for
something else, like /home.

For other ideas, see


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