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On 6/21/06, Schlaegel <777tahder@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I am trying to convert an eps file to svg with the command
> pstoedit -f plot-svg integral.eps integral.svg
> but I do not get the file integral.svg. Any ideas?

My understanding was that pstoedit had a *shareware* SVG converter and
no free/open converter. This might be old information, but I am not
aware of any change.

Last year I had to convert something from PS into SVG and ended up
doing a very roundabout path through Fontforge. It was a lame hack and
required hand edits to get the color back, but it worked.

Thanks, Schlaegel. I suppose that no shareware SVG converter is
needed. Please, have a look at:

Meanwhile, I have found out an easy way of doing the conversion:

«There is a trick that I have used successfully:

* produce whatever you want with LaTeX and then output it as ps, eps or
* use the following sequence of commands:

pstoedit -page 1 -dt -psarg "-r9600x9600" -f sk integral.eps
skconvert integral.svg

These steps overcome the well-known problem of pstoedit that does not
convert to svg directly on some installations. Let me finally remark
that I am not sure whether the trick works on MS Windows; it is only
tested on Linux.»


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