Re: Mouse pointer missing in FC5

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Mike Cisar schreef:
> Hope someone might have a suggestion for me.  I've just done installs of FC5
> on two identical machines.  The mice on both work fine throughout the
> install, and work fine during graphical boot.  However, once X has loaded
> the mouse pointer disappears.  The mouse is still working at that point
> though, if you move the "pretend" pointer up to the top of the screen you
> can hover menus, pull down menus, and select menu items.  Needless to say
> selecting items that are not at the edges of the screen involves a bit more
> guesswork.  
> I'm sure in some alternate reality there is a linux user trying to figure
> out why he has two mouse pointers on his screen... any suggestions on how I
> can make the magical mystical mouse pointer come back to this reality where
> it is wanted and needed :-)
> Thanks,
>>>>>> Mike <<<<<
try adding
option HWCursor 0
to your xorg.conf file in the device section
this workes on my nvidia 6100 card (nvidia mc51)

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