Re: kmod-nvidia for non-standard fedora kernel?

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Terry Snyder <terryjr386 <at>> writes:

> I am using the 16k stack size kernel from Linuxant because of the my wireless
network card.  I have everything working but when I used the default kernels
from fedora I could use the kmod-nvidia from livina worked like a charm, but now
I would like the same for this 16k kernel.  Where or how can I create one for
this kernel.  I can't play any videos on the 16k kernel mplayer says there isn't
any resources for the video driver to play the video.

Even if you rebuild the package, you won't get the nvidia driver to work on 16k
stack kernel.  The 16k stack kernels are binary incompatible with the 4k stacks
of the standard kernel.  Since nvidia driver only comes as a binary module for
4k stacks, it is incompatible and you can't get a compatible version.  At best,
the module will fail to load.  At worst, it will crash.  

The same thing happened when Fedora went from 8k stacks to 4k stacks.  The
nvidia driver was only available in 8k stacks and would not work on the 4k
stacks kernel until they released a new version.

PS. Don't post HTML emails.

 - Ian

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