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hi antoine...

i had already tried tidy with no success... it still seems to still generate

 initFile -> tidy ->cleanFile -> perl app (using xpath/livxml)

the xpath/linxml functions in the perl app complain regarding the file. my
thought is that tidy isn't cleaning enough, or that the perl xpath/libxml
functions are too strict!

but the weird thing is that i can use Firefox with the DOM/Xpath plugin, and
I can create an XPath Query that I can use within the Firefox/Plugin to
generate the correct resulting list of items/elements based on the XPath
Query. However, when i then use the same XPath Query, and the same wep page
in my test app, i get the warnings/errors from the perl xpath/libxml

i'm wondering if there's a way that i can call the Firefox Engine (using the
Plugins, and have it do all the processing/parsing) and let it return the
list of items/elements to me.....


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On 01/07/06, bruce <bedouglas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> hi...
> i've been trying (unsuccessfully) to parse/process html files. i'm almost
> certain that the issue has to do with the fact that the html is not valaid
> html.. running the html through various apps "tidy/html validator/etc..."
> complain with warnings.

I have been having a similar problem with html, though this time the
guilty party is mshtml. That piece of dog vomit *can not be made* to
produce xhtml!!! I get the pseudo-html from mshtml, run it through
sgmlreader+converter class and get (x)html out. I can then parse +
process the file with standard xml/xsl tools. It took me an age to
find good things for .net though - you shouldn't have nearly as many
problems on linux/fedora.
I suggest you pass it through tidy and get xhtml out. It may give you
some junk but you don't really have many other options...

This is where I should put some witty comment.

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