Hardware Migration with FC4

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I hope someone may be able to give me an Idea in what to do here, I have
a web server that was installed originally on a dual P3 with IDE drives,
I am trying to transferred to a VM on a GSX server and everything worked
well and good. Same specifications "sort of" smp with IDE drives.
My problem now is... I am trying to move this machine to a VM on a ESX
server with SCSI drives because ESX won't create IDE hard disks, I've
fixed the boot loader and everything but I receive this message every
time I try to boot.

----------(message begins)-------------------------------------

Creating root device
Mkrootdev: label / not found
Mounting root filesystem
Mount: error 2 mounting ext3
Mount: error 2 mounting none
Switching to new root
Switchroot: mount failed: 22
Unount /initrd/dev failed: 2
Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempt to kill init!
[<c0121345>] panic+0x42/0x1ca
[<c01224b1>] profile_task_exit+0x31/045
[<c012343d>] do_exit+0x252/0x35a
[<c0124375>] next_thread+0x0/0xc
[<c0103ff9>] syscall_call+0x7/0xb

---------(message ends)----------------------------------------

Thank you in advance for any tips or help with this.


Rodrigo F. Rogerio | Sr. Systems Administrator 
Grove Networks Inc.
Apple | Microsoft | Linux | Web Design | VOIP
P: 305.448.6126 x104 | C: 305.553.4702

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