Re: 100% disk space on boot is in use?

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On 7/1/06, Ambrogio <fn050202@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Il giorno sab, 01/07/2006 alle 09.03 +0300, Heikki Pesonen ha scritto:
how to shrink the Fedora Core partition other than /boot, so that I will have free space on hdb to install other distros?

vgdisplay says that you ave 2 volumes.
One if 1.94 GB and we don't know what filesystem is, and where is
The other is 146.97 GB, and we can think is your /
So you can free space in your VG.
Steps are:
1. Reduce File system
2. reduce LV
I suggest you to read well the LVM-howto for first, to know how LVM
After that you have to calc very well the dimension of filesystem and
Volume, because wrong in this calc results in loss of data.
Tell me now if you need help in this step.

Yeas I need help ....
I found

Reading it  through  I  found the chapter

"13.7. Splitting a volume group"

Before I start reading and applying the advice there, I kindly ask: Is it the right place for me?

I do want to split the Fedora volume group. I want to free let's say 100 GB out from the hands of Fedora.

About the data in hdb: that volume is sacrifyed for my Linux experiments. I could well to reinstall Fedora 5 hoping that in that 3. attempt everything will work and the result will be let's say 40 GB for Fedora and the rest of hdb free to be used later. But the partition tool offered by the installation script has two times been too difficult for me, so perhaps better to try to learn more by trying to manipulate hdb using recent Fedora installation. I suppose I already understand a lot about LVM, but perhaps not enough.

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