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On 6/30/06, Todd Zullinger <tmz@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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Bob Goodwin wrote:
> No amount of "exclude=anything" seems to help?
> yum update  --exclude=*nfs* --exclude=*xine*
> It looks to me like the only option is "do nothing" and wait?
> --> Running transaction check
> --> Processing Dependency: for package: nfs-utils
> --> Processing Dependency: for package: xine-lib
> --> Finished Dependency Resolution
> Error: Missing Dependency: is needed by package
> xine-lib
> Error: Missing Dependency: is needed by package nfs-utils

I'm not sure why the libdirectfb dependency is causing you problems.
It's provided by directfb in extras, which hasn't been updated since
since the release of FC5, as near as I can tell.

To work around the nfs-utils and libgssapi dependency problem, I
excluded libgssapi and nfs-utils*.

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Todd        OpenPGP -> KeyID: 0xD654075A | URL:

I filed a bug against yum:
A user should not have to also exclude dependencies if the primary
package is excluded.

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