Re: Is somethign wrong with gcj?

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Arthur Pemberton wrote:
I have to ask, because i was running Azuerus on my pspage machine ,
800 MHz and 256MB of ram, and it ws simply killing the machine. X took
mins to wake up after falling asleep. The cursor frequenlty wouln't
move, the machine was basically unuseable + torrent performance was

As per suggested on the mailinglist, installed Sun java (based on
intructions from and wow, I have literally have had a
near 10 fold performance increase. I can use the machine as if Azuerus
isn't even running. Plus where as before I was gettign about 8KB/s I
am hitting over 100 KB/s. Where as portions of the GUI did't work, it
all works.

So I have to ask...what's wrong with gcj?


Probably nothing that time and coders interested in fixing it won't cure. ICBW, but I think gcj is a response to the less than free licensing of the current Sun offering. As such, it may take a bit of real effort to dup java given that Sun has a 10+ year head start, with lots more coder hours invested in java than FOSS has in gcj so far. Now if Sun makes good on GPLing java, something I'm not holding my breath over, the whole thing would be pleasantly moot. And we'ed probably have 64 bit plugins for firefox 30 days later.

Cheers, Gene

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