Re: 100% disk space on boot is in use?

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Heikki Pesonen wrote:
> My firs attempt to install Linux to my computer failed totally. After
> it I had to reinstall all. The first Linux was Fedora core 3 or 4.
> After trying other distros I recently installed Fedora Core 5 which I
> like very much. It's slick (very fast) and looks nice.
> But every time I start Fedora a message appears: "100% disk space on
> boot is in use". Does that be a problem in the future?
> Recently I have three hard disks on my computer as you can see:
What it is telling you is that the /boot partition is full. This may
be a problem when you go to install a new kernel. You can find out
where your /boot partition is by running "mount | grep boot". You
may also want to take a look at the /boot directory on your system
to see what is all in there. If you post the output of "ls /boot"
and "cat /boot/grub/grub.conf" and we can poit out files you may
safely delete.


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