Re: GwenView and kipi-plugins (FC4)

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Anne Wilson wrote:

> On Wednesday 21 June 2006 19:18, Rex Dieter wrote:
>> Anne Wilson wrote:
>> > I haven't done much photography lately, so I hadn't used GwenView since
>> > I
>> > installed Fedora Core 4.  One of the things I liked about GV was the
>> > printing through kipi plugins, but I can't see any sign that the kipi
>> > plugins are
>> > being recognised.  It seems to me that there are quite a number of
>> > things missing from the menus.
>> >
>> > Yum tells me that I do have installed
>> > libkipi.i386 libkexif.i386 kipi-plugins.i386
>> >
>> > Am I missing some other vital package?
>> So, you're saying you don't see anything in gwenview's menu:
>> Plugins -> Export -> Print Wizard
>> ?

> Worse than that.  I don't have a Plugins menu.

Definitely not picking up kipi-plugins then...
I'd say file a report against Fedora Extras/gwenview

-- Rex

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