Re: Where is boost.x86_64? kdeedu dependency?

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Kayvan A. Sylvan wrote:
> Error: Missing Dependency: is needed by package kdeedu
> Anyone know what I need to do here?

There are some good clues in the error line you were given:

"Missing" - Something is missing
"Dependency" - That "something" is depended upon by the package (kdeedu)
you're trying to install.

So, it pretty much appears that you're going to need to install the
package that contains first, before you
attempt to install kdeedu, or at least install it at the same time.

Now, what package has That's what search
engines were invented for! A quick Google search shows that the file is
part of the boost package, which you can download at rpmfind and pbone,
among other places. Just make sure you get the 64-bit version, OK?

Using the above method, it should be easier for you to find out how to
figure things like this out in the future.

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