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So I've found a lot of info out there on making Fedora run under Virtual
PC.  A good site to start at is vpc.visualwin.com.  A lot of great
resources out there; but after all my searching, I'm still left with one

I installed FC3 on VPC on my Mac and the installation went fine but I'm
blowing up during the first reboot after uncompressing the kernel.  From
what I've found it's a 4G/4G problem with the kernel.  No big deal,
there are -vpc- specific kernels out there that I can add, and I have
one, but:

The instructions suggest to boot from the rescue cd, start networking
and move this file on to the VPC.  Fine, but when I boot into rescue on
the VPC, it asks if I want to start networking but that is the only
thing that happens.  I don't get prompted for network configuration or
anything and if I do an ifconfig, the only device I see is 'lo'.

So, my question is two-fold.

1)  Anyone know what I'm missing the in rescue mode to get networking
going on the VPC?

2)  If I can't get networking going, after I'm in rescue mode and I do a
chroot, how do I mount a cd to copy the files from?  I only have
/dev/had*, no /dev/hdc; /proc/ide/hdc exists so what do I need to do to
creat the device and mount a cd?



Brian D. McGrew { brian@xxxxxxxxxxxxx || brian@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx }
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