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Globe Trotter wrote:
> how does one play a m4p file? the following is what i get when i try
> the command file on the file
> ISO Media, MPEG v4 system, iTunes AAC-LC

If I'm not mistaken, an m4p file is a protected (DRM'd) AAC file - the
kind produced by the iTunes Music Store.  To play them you need to
unlock them.  I believe that VLC[1] has some capabilities to do this,
though I'm not sure on that or if those capabilities are built into
any of the Fedora packages available.

Another possibility is the hymn-project[2].

And again, if I understand correctly, you need to have the iTunes key
with either VLC or hymn to unlock your m4p files.

Follow some of these links and do some googling for more info.  What
I've said is from the rather cursory reading I've done on this.  I'm
mildly interested in ways to undo various sorts of DRM but I also
simply avoid it whenever possible, so I haven't had any need to try
out the various ways to unlock Apple's encryption scheme.


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