recommendations for mailbox-watching programs like gbuffy

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I often work from one machine while receiving most of my mail on
another.  I read my mail with VM in XEmacs, and I use procmail to sort
much of it into various files (e.g., the mail for the Fedora list).

In the past, I have used xbuffy and gbuffy to monitor my system
mailbox and a couple of these other mailboxes.  These programs offer
an advantage for me over the mail-notification applet or programs like
gnubiff because they provide an immediate visual indication of whether
there's mail in those mailboxes--it's not necessary to move the mouse
over an icon or click on anything to see whether there's new mail.  I
just installed FC5 on the machine that gets most of the mail, and I
can't find rpms for gbuffy or xbuffy that will install or build.  It
looks like the problems are due to changes in gtk and to gcc getting
pickier, but I thought I would ask for suggestions before I try to
brush up my meager C skills.

Does anyone know of substitutes for or improvements on (g|x)buffy?  I
need to be able to monitor remote mailboxes, and I'd like something
that sits there quietly showing whether I have mail in each of those
mailboxes, but can also show me the From and Subject headers if I ask
for them.  Pointers to rpms for gbuffy or xbuffy (or how to get them
to compile on FC5) would also be fine.



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