Re: Fedora Core 4 Upgrade hosed Postgresql

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I did as you instructed... Installed FC2 on another computer did a filesystem backup of the "upgraded" data folder and moved it to the new/old FC2 system. Performed a cursory configuration on the 7.4 postgres and then I un-tarred the backup into the data folder. Started up the postgres server and got no errors. I performed the pg_dumpall and moved the dumpall.dmp file to the "upgraded" or 8.x system. Now I am really in a loop because I cannot restore the dump file unless the server is running but it will not run because the data format is different.. I would assume I have to nuke the thing back to bare bones and then create the old databases and then perform a restore.... Does this sound right??


Thanks for any help..

On 5/25/06, Dr. Michael J. Chudobiak <mjc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx > wrote:
Lonni J Friedman wrote:
> On 5/25/06, Bob Ambroso < bambroso@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> that major upgrades kill Postgrsql..
>> My question is can I save the data I have in their now? I cannot do a
>> pg_dump as the DB wont start.
>> I do not have a current dump file to use..
> So you're saying that you've never backed up or dumped the DB?

Copy your /var/lib/pgsql directory to somewhere safe.

Try installing pgsql on an FC3 computer (or whatever older version you
were upgrading from). Copy the /var/lib/pgsql contents to it, and maybe
(!) you'll have a functional database again. Maybe not, though.

Do you have pre-upgrade tape (or CD or whatever) backups of the
/var/lib/pgsql directory? Those files would be better than the
post-upgrade ones.

I too learned about Fedora's habit of clobbering pgsql data after
upgrades the hard way... but I had enough backups to fix things. Backup
your raw files AND do a pgdumpall every night!

- Mike

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