Re: gpg key import while updating FC5 system.

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Miguel wrote:
> Hi, I've made a fresh install of FC5, and immediately after, I updated
> it using the 'Yellow dog' application, after packages were chosen, the
> downloading process took place, immediately after this, there was a
> question from the system asking to import a package's key due to it
> didn't exist in the system, so I deselected the mentioned packaged, and
> the same question appeared for another package, so I decided to re-check
> the unselected package before, because I thought it sould be a common
> key for all the downloaded fedora packages in my system.
> However, I need to know what tht imported key was, and where is stored
> now, because I tryed to show it by using the following commands, but
> nothing happens:
> 1. gpg  --list-keys
> Nothing happens, shows blank response.
> 2. rpm -qa *gpg*
> It shows a key, but when using: rpm -qi <key_shown> , the system
> responds with something like:
> gpg: .. can't open the key ...
> Would you be so kind to help me on how to find all the keys already
> imported in my system in order to verify them with Fedora website, please?.
> I appreciate your advice on this matter.
> Thanks in advance.
Most of this was already answered, but I thought I should point out
that your pgp keyring is separate from the keyring RPM uses to check
package signatures in FC5. (I am not sure exactly when RPM changed
from using root's keyring...)


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