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Odd. Since updating my FC4 system's kernel a few days ago my system clock has 
been gaining time like mad.


On Wednesday 31 May 2006 05:42, Ali Sobhi wrote:
> I've been struggling with system clock on my system since day 1 that I
> installed FC5.
> I did not have any problems with FC4.
> I stopped using NPTD for time sync, turned off most of the services, tried
> to look through
> log files and can't find anything which tells me what is happening. I have
> not turned off any cron or anacron activities yet.
> Here is what I'm seeing with regard to system clock. After about 48 to 56
> hours of up time, the system slows down,
> no apparent memory or CPU hog on the queue. The response time goes up for
> a simple date or ls command.
> looking at "/proc/driver/rtc" and date output, there is about 8+ hours
> difference which normally happens within very
> short period of time (~ 4 hours). Continuously typing date, I can see the
> clock going back and forth. "sleep 1" takes about couple of
> minutes to complete. My only solution so far has been to do the following
> twice and then "sync; reboot -f"
> ntpdate <MyTimeServer>
> rm -f /etc/adjtime
> hwclock -w
> After this, everything seems OK until another 48 to 56 hours. I'm thinking
> about putting this in a cron job and rebooting the machine
> every morning.
> I have to mention that I have two different type of machines that have
> been up and running for 32 days now without any time problem and both
> are using NTPD.
> any pointers to where to look for source of problem and/or additional info
>  would be helpful.
> Regards,
> Ali Sobhi
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> Human Ability and Accessibility Center
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