Re: FC5 on AMD Turion 64?

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Patrick wrote:
On Tue, 2006-05-30 at 14:10 +0100, Keith G. Robertson-Turner wrote:
Haven't really looked at power management stuff, since I always just shut down when not using the laptop, but everything else works -
I haven't succeeded in getting the suspend stuff to work so if you
investigate it and can make it work, please post it.
Yup - looking into it now, although we're probably looking to an upstream fix from kernel-dev.

Good to know. Any bugzilla entries or other links where this is dicussed
so I can track it?

Looks like we just need to RTFM on this one.

I'm doing a kernel rebuild now, and looking through the config options, I see:

"Software Suspend (SOFTWARE_SUSPEND)

Enable the possibility of suspending the machine.
It doesn't need APM.
You may suspend your machine by 'swsusp' or 'shutdown -z <time>'
(patch for sysvinit needed).

It creates an image which is saved in your active swap. Upon next
boot, pass the 'resume=/dev/swappartition' argument to the kernel to
have it detect the saved image, restore memory state from it, and
continue to run as before. If you do not want the previous state to
be reloaded, then use the 'noresume' kernel argument. However, note
that your partitions will be fsck'd and you must re-mkswap your swap
partitions. It does not work with swap files.

Right now you may boot without resuming and then later resume but
in meantime you cannot use those swap partitions/files which were
involved in suspending. Also in this case there is a risk that buffers
on disk won't match with saved ones.

For more information take a look at <file:Documentation/power/swsusp.txt>."

I'll play with passing kernel parameters and see how it turns out.

One thing that confuses me is; do I need a dedicated partition for the suspend file, or am I supposed to use *the* main swap partition ... or can I just use my "/" partition? It doesn't seem clear where it is saving this stuff by default, how to reconfigure it, or what kind of filesystem supports it.


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