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Sometimes it's worth lying to them.  Just say you have Windows, but
you're not at the PC, and you just need to know what options to set.

I've stopped one "support" person from giving me the click on this,
click on that, routine, and just asked them for the connection and
service details I needed to plug into my system.  I think you could
almost hear the relief as several minutes of explanations just got side
stepped into just having to tell me about three or four parameters.

(Currently running FC4, occasionally trying FC5.)

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I agree.  Before they started supporting routers I had to call them
about something.  When they found out I had a router they said they
didn't support that.  I told them I wasn't looking for support on the
router.  Just confirm that you can see the high speed modem, give me
the settings I need for PPOE, and I'll take care of the rest.  If the
problem is not with their equipment or the settings then I'll take
care of trouble shooting.  Search engines and lists such as this one
will help you beyond help desk.  And you'll learn a lot more in the
process.  Not just "click on this, then that, and now this".  Instead
you'll get detailed instructions from experienced trouble shooters.

Jacques B.

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